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I just wanted to thank you guys for my lavender albino golden child motley retic. Take a look at some of our reptile habitat accessories and substrates. Exo Terra Reptile Cave provides a place to hide and sleep, which helps in reducing stress. And with a variety of substrates—from sand and gravel to mulch, moss, soil and more—you'll find the perfect flooring for your pet's habitat.

Of course, you'll need the proper lighting rig for reptile heat and lighting. Exo Terra Infrared Basking Reptile Spot Lamp gives off a reddish light that will not disrupt normal activities, day or night.

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And Fluker's Ceramic Reptile Heat Emitter delivers a large basking area without any light, making it perfect for nighttime heating. We have plenty of other quality amphibian and reptile cleaning supplies. Our "Au Naturel" finish on our USA made, anodized aluminum and PVC enclosures is getting lots of positive feedback so we have made this standard with all enclosures in this series.

Our complete Leopard Gecko kits are exactly that Now you can have a suitable leopard gecko habitat that will not only provide proper care, it will last throughout your pets lifetime while making its home an amazing mini-habitat and a beautiful display that you will be proud to have in your home.


This one has a 3 sided background with artificial log, live tropical plants and will have 12" of substrate from the Bio Dude. Lighting is by Arcadia and it has an automatic mister from MistKing to keep up the high humidity.

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The front bottom also has a glass panel to view the tarantulas tunnels. The aged wood covering this enclosure really gives it a very unique feature.

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This one has a 3 sided background, artificial rock ledges, plants and vines and will have 10" of substrate from the Bio Dude. I think so many of us feel that it is Our new sub-tropical decor kit is in the works and will be available to order very soon.

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This one is installed in one of our new 3 foot essential series enclosures and will include an inch and a half thick vine that is perfect for your climbing reptiles like a green tree python for example. Stay tuned for details!

This one is our new 3 L x 2 W x 3 H and is a little over gallons and is perfect for enthusiasts wanting a little more height for bioactive setups. Note: We don't recommend leaving any lights on all night, just for a short period after your day lights switch off so that you can feed and enjoy them under a "full moon" strength light.

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